These are the applications I’m busy with as of the moment

A) Aptana Studio 2.0

It’s a robust web development IDE that is highly configurable. The most amazing part is it’s totally FREE! For those PHP Developers who would like to try it, I would like to share two things that you need to do when installing the software.

1) After you have downloaded and successfully installed the software, go to My Studio window -> Plugins (extensions for studio). Select all PHP Development Tools (PDT) necessary plugins from there.

2) I initially thought after installing the plugin, I would now be able to view PHP files on it. But after several attempts, it throws me errors. So what I did was to go to Help->Install Available software. There will be a list of updates you could install, just select “–All Available Sites–” in Work with field . I then selected all PDTs and PHP related plugin. This time, I was able to open the file and view the script.

B) Navicat Lite

All this time, I was working hand in hand with PHPmyAdmin for all database related stuff. But with the project I’m working on right now, It doesn’t have anything like it installed. I was instructed to look for a MySQL gui application. So I thought for a moment, and remembered my former boss used before. I googled “Navicat” and found the link of the website. I decided to download the free version, Navicat Lite. So far I’m liking the simplicity and ease of use it offers.

C) Swiff Chart Generator on Linux

Swiff Chart Generator is a server-side solution that creates graphs. Dynamically created graphs can be exported in jpeg, swf, pdf, and many more. It works with ASP.NET (C# and Visual Basic), ASP, PHP and JSP. I’ve recently installed it on a Linux remote server via SSH. Here are the commands:

1. Login as root.
2. On root go to, cd /usr/local/
3. wget http://
(where the tar.gz is located. you can download an evaluation version )
4. then, tar -xvzf swiffchart.tar.gz
(to extract the file and install)

By the way, You can view the demos and get the sample script from there to try it out.

So that’s it. 🙂 Thanks guru tonio for item C.