These are the applications I’m busy with as of the moment

A) Aptana Studio 2.0

It’s a robust web development IDE that is highly configurable. The most amazing part is it’s totally FREE! For those PHP Developers who would like to try it, I would like to share two things that you need to do when installing the software.

1) After you have downloaded and successfully installed the software, go to My Studio window -> Plugins (extensions for studio). Select all PHP Development Tools (PDT) necessary plugins from there.

2) I initially thought after installing the plugin, I would now be able to view PHP files on it. But after several attempts, it throws me errors. So what I did was to go to Help->Install Available software. There will be a list of updates you could install, just select “–All Available Sites–” in Work with field . I then selected all PDTs and PHP related plugin. This time, I was able to open the file and view the script.

B) Navicat Lite

All this time, I was working hand in hand with PHPmyAdmin for all database related stuff. But with the project I’m working on right now, It doesn’t have anything like it installed. I was instructed to look for a MySQL gui application. So I thought for a moment, and remembered my former boss used before. I googled “Navicat” and found the link of the website. I decided to download the free version, Navicat Lite. So far I’m liking the simplicity and ease of use it offers.

C) Swiff Chart Generator on Linux

Swiff Chart Generator is a server-side solution that creates graphs. Dynamically created graphs can be exported in jpeg, swf, pdf, and many more. It works with ASP.NET (C# and Visual Basic), ASP, PHP and JSP. I’ve recently installed it on a Linux remote server via SSH. Here are the commands:

1. Login as root.
2. On root go to, cd /usr/local/
3. wget http://
(where the tar.gz is located. you can download an evaluation version )
4. then, tar -xvzf swiffchart.tar.gz
(to extract the file and install)

By the way, You can view the demos and get the sample script from there to try it out.

So that’s it. πŸ™‚ Thanks guru tonio for item C.